MATRIX 6", 2 in 1 Vent Hood

tandem, supply/exhaust hood, 6” duct

Item Number: 413640

Matrix 6”, 2-in-1 Vent Hood

simplifies a Fresh Air Appliance installation. The hood requires only one outer wall penetration and provides an outside connection with the Fresh Air Appliance. The stale air is evacuated from the house and fresh air is drawn in simultaneously without any cross-contamination between the two airflows.

Suitable for 6" duct installations.

Technical parameters

Certificate CSA/F326
Used for Fresh Air Appliances
Dimensions and weights
Diameter of connection Ø 6 in.
Weight 2.2 lb
Material Galvanized steel
Images Dimensions - MATRIX 6, 2 in 1 Vent Hood - Fantech