Commercial ventilation

Commercial ventilation - Fantech

Fantech has a long and successful history in providing ventilation solutions for commercial buildings for many years. The wide range of products is used in all kinds of applications including warehouses, logistic facilities, manufacturing plants, retail buildings.

Commercial ventilation

Recovery ventilators - Fantech

Recovery ventilators

Light commercial HRVs and ERVs for are ideal for commerical buildings, offices and similar premises. They offer a high level of comfort both in terms of heating or energy recovery and clean air supply, along with significant energy savings.

Roof ventilators - Fantech

Roof ventilators

Direct- and belt drive roof and wall mount ventilators with AC and EC motors for kitchen exhaust, general and industrial exhaust.

Wall ventilators - Fantech

Wall ventilators

Axial wall mount supply and exhaust fans for medium to large air flows for industrial and commercial applications.

Inline duct fans - Fantech

Inline duct fans

Fantech inline fans are known for their leak-free housing design, economical use of energy and excellent ease of control. Circular duct fans, rectangular duct fans for supply and exhaust air, electrical and mounting accessories, controls.