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Fans for bathroom exhaust, dryer ehxaust, radon mitigation, inline supply and exhaust air fans, makeup air systems. These products are installed in a variety of locations including apartments, condos, single family homes, offices, hotels, stores, training facilities and sports centers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Fans & accessories

Bathroom fans - Fans & accessories - Products - Fantech

Bathroom fans

Silent exhaust bath fans are one the bathers’ best friends. That’s why we let them come in many combinations. Single or multiple locations’ exhaust fans. With or without dimmable LED lights. With humidity tracking and occupancy monitoring.

Makeup air systems - Fans & accessories - Products - Fantech

Makeup air systems

The true Makeup air solution is a powered system. It automatically, infinitely tempers and modulates supply airflow in proportion to the exhaust air while creating truly balanced indoor climate in your home. Anything else is cheating the Code.

Dryer exhaust solutions - Fans & accessories - Products - Fantech

Dryer exhaust solutions

Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator for use with gas and electric clothes dryers. Certified by UL to the DEDPV requirements of UL-705. Dryer exhaust duct power ventilators can provide extra protection by removing warm, moist air and lint trapped in the duct.


Duct booster fans - Fans & accessories - Products - Fantech

Duct booster fans

Duct booster fans are practical for various applications in residential buildings: from boosting the air into the back bedroom to exhausting some hot or stale air.



Radon mitigation fans - Fans & accessories - Products - Fantech

Radon mitigation fans

Active radon mitigation systems employ specialized fans to exhaust radon gas from underneath building structures via a sealed pipe system. Such systems are designed to remove radon gas before it migrates to a building's interior.

Inline duct fans - Fans & accessories - Products - Fantech

Inline duct fans

Fantech inline fans are known for their leak-free housing design, economical use of energy and excellent ease of control. Circular duct fans, rectangular duct fans for supply and exhaust air, electrical and mounting accessories, controls.

Air curtains - Fans & accessories - Products - Fantech

Air curtains

Separating different climate zones by an invisible curtain of air gives large energy savings and a comfortable indoor climate.