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SER 450 Energy Rec Vent

SER 450 Energy Rec Vent

Item Number: 99266

• Airflow up to 468 cfm @ 0.4" PS
• Push-Pull configuration
• Optional drain line
• Removable screw terminal for easy connection
• Dual service doors & reversable electrical box
• External three position switch (Low/Standby/High)

Fantech® commercial energy recovery ventilators (ERV) models provide cost-effective energy savings while delivering ventilation to buildings in a compact product.

Applications include classrooms, retails shops, hair salons, bars and restaurants, offices, clinic, and animal sheters, etc.

How it works

The exchanger tempers the outdoor air before supplying it to the building by recovering the energy in the building’s air before exhausting it. In summer, the ERV will pre-cool and reduce moisture in the ventilation air while in winter it will pre-heat and recover moisture. We designed our commercial energy recovery ventilators to operate in both warm and humid climates and in very cold climates.

Technical parameters

Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage (nominal) 120 V
Phase(s) 1~
Input current 4.17 A
MCA 6.88 A
MOP 15 A
Input power 500 W
Air flow max 468 cfm
Static pressure 0.4 in.wg
Dimensions and weights
Weight 132.3 lb
Certificate CSA, AHRI
Images Wiring - SER 450 Energy Rec Vent - Fantech
Supply Temperature Net Airflow Net Effectiveness




°F (°C)

cfm (L/s)





35 (1.7)

300 (142)




35 (1.7)

225 (106)





95 (35)

300 (142)




95 (35)

225 (142)




Images Dimensions - SER 450 Energy Rec Vent - Fantech
A B C D E F G I J K (Drain)

29 1/2 (747)

25 1/8 (639)

14 (355)

2 1/2 (64)

8 (203)

8 (203)

35 15/16 (911)

22 11/16 (577)

32 1/2 (826)

1/2 (13)

Dimensional information is in inches (mm).


Two (2) factory balanced fans with backward curved blades. Motors come with permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings and (TOP) thermal overload protected and maintenance-free operation.

Energy recovery core

Two (2) modular AHRI certified energy recovery cores made from water vapor transport durable polymer membrane that is highly permeable to humidity. The ERV core is freeze tolerant and water washable. Core dimensions are 11.4" x 11.4" (290x 290 mm) with a 11.4" (290 mm) depth.


A preset frost control sequence is initiated if the outdoor temperature falls below the set point of 23°F (-5°C). During the initial stage, the supply blower shuts down & the exhaust blower switches into high speed to eliminate frost build-up in the core. The unit then returns to normal operation for the final stage of the frost control sequence at which time the sequence is repeated if the outdoor air temperatures is still below the set point.


Cores, filters and drain pan can be accessed easily from both sides of the ERV from hinged access panels. Cores conveniently slide out with only 15" (380 mm) clearance. Blowers can be accessed from both side of the ERV from fastened access panels. Blowers are easily removed by taking off the access panel and sliding the motor plates out of the ERV. A quick connect allows for fast inspection of blowers.


22 gauge galvanized steel. Baked powder coated paint.


Insulated with 1in. (25 mm) fiberglass with FSK facing for condensation control.


The exhaust and fresh air streams are protected by MERV1 washable filters constructed to meet UL 900. Optional MERV6 filters are direct replacement to the MERV1. Use of MERV6 filters will add an additional system pressure of 0.52 in.wg (130 Pa) at 450 cfm (212 l/s). Additional MERV Rated filters available upon request.


A Drain and Tubing (included) must be installed for all HRV units. For ERV units, drain is not required, however, it is recommended for climates where outdoor temperature typically remains below -25°C (-13°F) combined with an indoor relative humidity higher than 40% for a period of 24 hours or several days in a row.


External three (3) position (Low/Stand By/High) rocker switch that will offer continuous ventilation. In addition Fantech offers a variety of external controls.


Unit may be suspended by using threaded rod, not supplied, or placed on a platform. Unit shall be adaptable for easy service of electrical component.


3 years on all parts

Requirements and standards
• Complies with the UL 1812 requirements regulating the construction and installation of Heat Recovery Ventilators
• Complies with the CSA C22.2 no. 113 Standard applicable to ventilators
• Technical data was obtained from published results of test relating to AHRI 1060 Standards
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