PCA 1000D2 Pressure controller

Art. no.: 76739

Demand controller for pressure and constant flow ventilation

Demand controller for EC-fans or e.g., a frequency inverter.

Possible control modes

Variable air volume (VAV)

Constant air volume (CAV)

User friendly menu, easy setup

Supply voltage directly from the fan. No additional supply voltage is necessary.

Technical specification

Controlled output signal: 0-10 V (Imax = 0.3mA)

Voltage supply with polarity reversal protection: 10-24 V DC(Imax = 6 mA)

Adjustable measuring range 0-1000Pa

Pressure ports + / -: for ∅ 5mm hose adapters ∅ 6 mm

Enclosure class IP54

The sensor control module for differential pressure and volume flow measures and indicates the pressure or, optionally, the volume flow in a ventilation system. The calculation of the volume flow is performed by entering the K-factor of the application.

Depending on the desired setpoint value and control range, the sensor control module generates 0-10 V to control the EC fan or e.g., a frequency inverter.

The sensor control module is supplied by the fan or frequency inverter which it controls, e.g., with 10-24 V DC.

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Technical parameters

Enclosure class IP54
Dimensions and weights
Depth 2 in.
Height 5 in.
Width 4 in.
Weight 0.5 lb
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