MTP 10

Wall mount speed controller for ECM fans, 10K

Item Number: 32731

The MTP10 potentiometer controls airflow of inline duct fans such as FG..EC, FKD..EC, prioAIR..EC via a stepless signal. The supply voltage is within the range 0 - 12 VDC. The output voltage is adjusted steplessly from 0V to the supply voltage (Us) by a rotary knob.

The potentiometer is equipped with a switch (dry contact) for remote ON / OFF switching of external equipment. Suitable for both for inset (IP44) and surface mounting (IP54).


Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (nominal) 10 V
Voltage type DC
Enclosure class IP44
Controller and Sensors
Switching capacity 4A / 250V
Rangeability 0...10 V
Control signal 0...10 kOhm
Dimensions and weights
Weight 0.4 lb
Contact 1 NO
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Us =

10V Supply

+ =

0-10V Output signal

- =


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