FML6R Hood Riser MERV8 filter

6" Intake air vent w/MERV8 filter

Item Number: 40418

• Supplied MERV8 filter captures 70% of particles down to 3 microns. Most molds are 10 microns
• Easy maintenance
• Standard filter size allows you to use commonly available replacement filters of various grades

The FML6R maintains the minimum recommended distance of the inlet air from the ground when the ventilation system is installed in the basement yet the grade surrounding the building is close to the ground floor.

How it works

The air is filtered at the entrance of the outdoor air duct, reducing dust and particles from soiling the duct system and the ventilation system.

Technical parameters

Dimensions and weights
Weight 13.2 lb
Images Dimensions - FML6R Hood Riser MERV8 filter - Fantech

9 3/4 (248)

24 1/16 (612)

11 1/8 (284)

6 1/32 (153)

5 7/8 (150)

4 7/8 (124)

4 (101)

Dimensional information is in inches (mm).

Filter, MERV8 (FML6R) - Fantech Item Number: 412447 Filter, MERV8 (FML6R)

MERV8 replacement pleated filter, 1 pc