FKD 18 EC Mixed Flow Fan

Art. no.: 44957


These fans are known for their economical use of energy and excellent ease of control. They can be varied in speed to match the airflow demand, and operate at high efficiency levels. An excellent choice for exhaust or supply applications where quieter performance and easy installation are important. Perfect for commercial and institutional structures such as offices, hospitals, beauty salons, veterinary clinics as well as residential applications such as kitchen range hood exhaust.


The casing is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal. The FKD EC series have external rotor EC motors with a mixed flow impeller, which reduces the external dimensions of the fans. These fans have a high air flow capacity in relation to their compact design. Brackets are supplied with the fans to make installation easier.

Speed control

The FKD EC fan motor's speed is controlled via a 0-10Vdc signal. The motor provides a +10V reference that can be used by a remotely-mounted potentiometer (such as MTP 10). The motor can also be controlled by an externally-provided 0-10Vdc signal that can come from any device or a Building Management System (BMS). The fan's motor also provides operational speed (tachometer pulse) output that can be used to verify fan operation. These control features allow the FKD EC to be integrated into and play an active role in smart HVAC systems in buildings.

Motor protection

Motor protection is integrated in the electronics of the motor.

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Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (Nominal) 460 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase(s) 3~
Input power 1,979 W
Input current 3.2 A
Impeller speed 1,612 r.p.m.
Air flow max 5,992.0 cfm
Temperature of transported air max 104 °F
Max temperature of transported air, when speed controlled 104 °F
Enclosure class, motor IP54
Insulation class F
Certificate cULus, AMCA Sound & Air
Dimensions and weights
Duct dimension; Circular, inlet 18 in.
Duct dimension; Circular, inlet 450 mm
Duct dimension; Circular, outlet 18 in.
Duct dimension; Circular, outlet 450 mm
Weight 98 lb
Duct connection type Circular
Motor type EC
A A1 A2 B C D E F G H




20 1/4

17 7/8

18 7/8



8 3/4


Dimensions are in inches.

Document filename Document filetype
FKD EC Submittal Sheet EN.pdf Brochure
483804 FKD..EC OIPM EN FR ES.PDF Manual
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