Washable Alu mesh MERV3 filter kit,FIT120,2 pcs,11"x7.75"

Item Number: 422580

• MERV3 filter replacement kit
• For improved air quality upgrade to MERV8

Replacement filter kit features 2 washable aluminum mesh filters with MERV3 rating for supply and exhaust air. The filters will collect insects, debris, lint, carpet fibers.

With normal usage, it is recommended that you vacuum clean the filter every 3 months and replace as needed. This filter was originally included with your product. To give some boost to your home’s air quality, consider a MERV8 filter.

The kit includes 2 filters – one for exhaust air, one for supply air. Suitable for FIT 120H and FIT 120E.


Technical parameters

Filter set contains 2 pcs
Filter class MERV3
Dimensions and weights
Width 8 in.
Depth 0 in.
Length 11 in.
Weight 0.2 lb