MERV13 Filter kit, 260-450, 4 pcs, 11.5"x11.4"

Item Number: 414935

Replacement filter kit features 4 pleated air filters with MERV13 rating. The filters will collect mold spores, pollen, pet danger, smog, bacteria, cement dust, carpet fibers, debris, and lint.

With normal usage, it is recommended you replace the filters every 2 months.

The kit includes 4 filters. Suitable for SHR3205R, SHR260RD, SER260D, SER3204N, SER450, SHR450.


Technical parameters

Filter set contains 4 pcs
Filter class MERV13
Dimensions and weights
Width 12 in.
Depth 0 in.
Length 15 in.
Weight 0.8 lb