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FG 12 EC Centrif. Inline Fan

Item Number: 49903

• High level of efficiency

• Integrated motor protection

• Pre-wired speed control potentiometer for air flow adjustments and balancing

• BMS compatible


The FG EC Series is designed for installation in ducts.These fans are known for their economical use of energy and ease of control. They can be varied in speed to match an application's demand, and operate at high efficiency levels. For the same air volume, they consume considerably less energy than an AC fan.


The casing is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal with the seams folded to give the fan an air tight casing. All fans have a minimum 1" long connection collar. The fans have backward-curved blades and external rotor EC-motors.

Speed control

The FG EC fan motor's speed is controlled via a 0-10Vdc signal. The motor provides a +10V reference that can be used by a remotely-mounted potentiometer (such as MTP 10). The motor can also be controlled by an externally-provided 0-10Vdc signal that can come from any device or a Building Management System (BMS). The fan's motor also provides operational speed (tachometer pulse) output that can be used to verify fan operation. These control features allow the FG EC to be integrated into and play an active role in smart HVAC systems in buildings.

Motor protection

Motor protection is integrated in the electronics of the motor.

Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (Nominal) 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase(s) 1~
Input power 136 W
Input current 0.95 A
Impeller speed 2,654 r.p.m.
Air flow max 638.0 cfm
Temperature of transported air max 140 °F
Max temperature of transported air, when speed controlled 140 °F
Enclosure class, motor IP44
Insulation class B
Certificate AMCA Air, HVI, cULus, ENERGY STAR®
Dimensions and weights
Duct dimension; Circular, inlet 12 in.
Duct dimension; Circular, outlet 12 in.
Weight 12.4 lb
Duct connection type Circular
Motor type EC
Model A C D E F


4 (102)

8 1/2 (216)

6 1/2 (165)

1 (25)

1 (25)


6 (152)

13 1/8 (333)

7 (178)

1 (25)

1 (25)

8 EC

8 (203)

13 1/4 (337)

6 (152)

1 1/8 (29)

1 (25)

10 EC

10 (254)

13 1/4 (337)

4 3/4 (121)

1 1/8 (29)

1 (25)

12, 12XL EC

12 (305)

16 (406)

6 11/16 (170)

1 1/2 (38)

1 (25)

Dimensions are in inches (mm).


A centrifugal type exhaust/supply fan specifically designed for moderate size entilation applications. The fan can be mounted at any angle in any point along the duct work and straight-through air flow design allows easy installation. By using FC type mounting clamps, fan can be easily removed from duct work for service. Fans are constructed in accordance with standard dimensions for spiral duct eliminating the need for transition pieces. Fan motors are capable of operating in air stream temperatures up to 140o F. Motor bearings are a permanently sealed, self lubricating ball type. All fans are 100% speed controllable through a decrease in the voltage by using 0..10V potentiometer. All FG EC Series fans are backed by Fantech’s Five Year Warranty.

Guide Specifications for Model FG EC Inline Duct Fans

Supply, exhaust or return air inline fans shall be of the centrifugal, direct driven type.



Fan housing shall be constructed of heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal

Fan shall be supplied with externally mounted electrical terminal box with pre-wired terminal strip connections.


Motorized impeller shall be an external rotor type, class B insulation, enclosed with permanent split capacitor.

Motor shall be a permanently sealed self lubricating ball bearing type.

Motor shall be equipped with automatic reset thermal overload protection.

Motor shall be acceptable for continuous duty.


Fan wheel shall be of the backward inclined centrifugal type with a well designed inlet venturi for maximum performance.

Motorized impeller shall be both statically and dynamically balanced as one integral unit to provide for vibration free performance.

Impellers shall be molded of high impact polypropylene.


Fan air flow performance shall be based upon tests conducted in accordance with AMCA Standard 211 and shall be licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Label.

Code Approval

Fan shall be tested and approved by UL and CSA (or equals) for safety

FG EC Series shall be manufactured under the authority of Fantech, Inc., Lenexa, KS.

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