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FAT10 Attic Thermostat

Attic Thermostat 80-130F, 13A

Item Number: 411233

Attic fans help homeowners save on power and repair bills. Moving heated air out of the attic during the cooling season reduces the load on a home's air-conditioning system. Circulating air trapped in the attic during humid conditions speeds drying, reducing mold growth and early decay of the roof's structural members.


Installing a FAT10 Attic Thermostat on the attic fan is a simple job that helps you make efficient use of electricity. Adjustable range is between 80º and 130ºF. Color: Beige.

Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (nominal) 120 V
Maximum current 13.8 A
Temperature adjustment 80 to 130 °F
Certificate cETLus
Dimensions and weights
Weight 1 lb