EFD 14-8, Damper, TFB24

14"x8" Shutter damper with actuator, 24V

Item Number: 99303

EFD is a shut-off damper. The damper is provided with 24 V motors with spring-return actuators. The EFD conforms to leakage less than 1% of the local design airflow rate at the local maximum static pressure. The outdoor/exhaust air damper prevents the hot water coil from freezing and also prevents the cold air from cooling down the building if the unit stops.

The EFD multi-leaf damper comprises a number of opposed blades, swivelling on nylon bearings in an extruded aluminium framework. The blades are connected via a system of linkages (protected) on the outside of the frame.

Technical parameters

Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage (nominal) 24 V
Input power 2 W
Enclosure class IP54
Permitted ambient temperature -22 to 122 °F
Dimensions and weights
Weight 3.4 lb
Images Wiring - EFD 14-8, Damper, TFB24 - Fantech Images Wiring - EFD 14-8, Damper, TFB24 - Fantech
Images Dimensions - EFD 14-8, Damper, TFB24 - Fantech
Model A B

EFD 14-8

14 (256)

8 (203)

EFD 20-8

20 (508)

8 (203)

EFD 24-8

24 (610)

8 (203)

Dimensions in inches (mm).