AC3600/1 Air Curtain

Art. no.: 411131


Installing an air curtain above the door or window adds a “barrier” in that opening. Air curtains reduce heat loss/heat gain, improving energy efficiency by reducing the load on the buildings HVAC system while effectively maintaining a comfortable air temperature indoors. Multiple units can be positioned end to end to cover unlimited widths.


Thanks to compact design and air intake at the front, the AC Series air curtain can be mounted where space is limited between the ceiling and the upper edge of the doorway. The AC Series has a simple connection making it possible to easily link units together in order to cover wide openings.

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  • Aug 29, 2018
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Technical parameters

Type of installation Horizontal
Max. installation height 108 in.
Nominal data
Heating type Electric; None
Color casing Pure white
Color casing, NCS NCS 0502-B / NCS 0502-Y
Color casing, RAL RAL 9010
Color outlet grilles, RAL RAL 9005
Dimensions and weights
Length 36 in.
Height 9 in.
Depth 8 in.
Weight 26 lb
Motor/control supply
Control/motor supply 115 V
Control/motor current 1.15 A
Input power (P1), motor 135 W
Max impeller speed 1,500 r.p.m.
Document filename Document filetype
204407 AC OIPM EN.pdf Manual
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