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Top duct connection HRV, 105 cfm, ENERGY STAR®, recirc defro

Item Number: 463234

• Airflow up to 104 cfm @ 0.4" PS serves 1 to 7 bedroom homes
• Top-mounted ports for easier duct connectivity
• Unobstructed front access
• Aluminum core provides superior heat transfer capability
• Integrated airflow measurement system allows for rapid and accurate reading of airflow during installation

A great mid-range heat recovery ventilator, the VHR100R ES is ideal for high-rise apartment applications, condominiums, single and multi-family homes. With its compact top port design featuring 5 inch oval collars and the included EZ-Mount wall bracket, the VHR100R ES can be installed in spaces as small as 24 inches, such as a closet or maintenance room.

Defrost cycle

The VHR100R ES is equipped with an automatic recirculation defrost mechanism so that even if you live in the coldest climates you can use your HRV all year long.

Technical parameters

Voltage (nominal) 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase(s) 1~
Input power 168 W
Input current 1.4 A
Air flow max 49 L/s
Static pressure 100 Pa
Certificate CSA. HVI, Energy Star
Dimensions and weights
Weight 39.2 lb
Used for
Installation placement Vertical
Images Wiring - VHR 100R ES HRV - Fantech
Heating Supply temperature Net airflow Consumed power Sensible recovery efficiency Apparent sensible effectiveness Latent recovery/ moisture transfer

°F (°C)

cfm (L/s)





32 (0)

64 (30)





32 (0)

81 (38)





32 (0)

102 (48)





-13 (-25)

66 (31)





Images Dimensions - VHR 100R ES HRV - Fantech

21 1/2 (546)

14 1/2 (368)

15 5/8 (397)

17 7/8 (454)

22 1/2 (572)

15 (381)

Dimensions in inches (mm).


Two (2) factory-balanced motors with backward curved blades. Motors come with permanently lubricated, sealed ball-bearings to guarantee long life and maintenance-free operation. Covered by a seven year warranty.

Heat Recovery Core

Aluminum heat recovery core covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Core dimensions are 8.5” x 8.5” (216 x 216 mm) with a 12” (305 mm) depth. Our heat exchangers are designed and manufactured to withstand extreme temperature variations.


The unit incorporates a unique and quiet internal recirculation defrost that does not depressurize the home during the defrost cycle. A preset defrost sequence is activated when the outdoor temperature falls below 23° F (-5° C) and automatically adjusts itself based on operating conditions. The fan speed is also adjusted automatically to provide a smooth and quiet transition between Ventilation & Defrost mode.


Core, filters, fans and drain pan can be easily accessed through latched door. Core conveniently slides out on our new easy glide core guides. 14” (356 mm) of clearance is recommended for removal of core.

Duct Connections

5” (125mm) Oval plastic duct connections with integrated balancing damper and airflow measurement ports.


24 gauge galvanized pre-painted steel corrosion resistant


Cabinet is fully insulated with 1” (25 mm) high density expanded polystyrene.


Two (2) washable electrostatic panel type air filters 8.5” (216mm) x 12.5” (318 mm) x 0.125” (3mm).


1/2” (13mm) OD (outside diameter) drain spout provided, entire bottom of unit covered by drain pan.


Limited lifetime on aluminum core, 7 year on motors, and 5 year on parts.

Requirements and standards
• Complies with the UL 1812 requirements regulating the construction and installation of Heat Recovery Ventilators
• Complies with the CSA C22.2 no. 113 Standard applicable to ventilators
• Complies with the CSA F326 requirements regulating the installation of Heat Recovery Ventilators
• Technical data was obtained from published results of test relating to CSA C439 Standards
• HVI certified and ENERGY STAR® qualified*

* This product earned the ENERGY STAR® by meeting strict efficiency guidelines set by Natural Resources Canada and the US EPA. It meets ENERGY STAR® requirements only when used in Canada.

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