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Rn2SL Inline Radon Fan

Art. no.: 89054

• Inconspicuous appearance
• Factory sealed, no leak design
• Integral condensate bypass
• Exterior-mount close to the wall


A radon fan doesn't have to look industrial to be effective! Our Rn2 SL is engineered specifically for the demands of radon mitigation applications with aesthetics in mind. This exterior-mounted fan features a sleek, neutral-colored housing that is less contrasting to the appearance of many homes' exteriors.


Rn2 SL is designed to simplify the installer's work. The fan connects directly to the system pipe via included connectors. The fan's inlet connection is located on the back of the housing, so that it connects to the pipe where it comes through the wall. This eliminates the need for a pipe elbow, and conceals the wall penetration from view. The fan's discharge is located on top for connection directly to the vertical pipe riser.

New LDVI couplings

Our new LDVI flexible connectors serve to isolate the fan's natural vibration from the system pipe and the home's structure. The fan is supported by its connections to the system pipe and does not make direct contact with the home. The fan's natural vibration is isolated from the home, so that no structure-borne noise is induced.

What’s included with the fan?

Rn2 SL Radon Fan; flexible sleeve coupling and stainless steel hose clamp for fan inlet connection to 4" PVC pipe; flexible, gray coupling and (2) stainless steel hose clamps for fan discharge connection to 4" PVC pipe; wall bracket for support via hose clamp connection to a vertical pipe riser.

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  • Aug 29, 2018
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Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (Nominal) 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase(s) 1~
Input power 87 W
Input current 0.78 A
Impeller speed 2 538 r.p.m.
Air flow max 75 L/s
Temperature of transported air max 60 °C
Enclosure class, motor IP44
Insulation class B
Dimensions and weights
Duct dimension; Circular, inlet 5 in.
Duct dimension; Circular, outlet 5 in.
Weight 10.7 lb
Duct connection type Circular
Color name, casing Grey
Model A B C D E F G


14 15/16 (379)

15 7/8 (403)

13 7/8 (352)

5 1/2 (140)

6 1/8 (156)

4 (102)

4 1/2 (114)

Dimensions are in inches (mm)

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