Washable Alu mesh MERV3 filter kit for LC, 6 pcs, 11.5"x15"

Item Number: 40459

• MERV3 filter replacement kit
• For improved air quality upgrade to MERV8

Replacement filter kit features 6 washable aluminum mesh filters with MERV3 rating. The filters will collect insects, debris, lint, carpet fibers.

With normal usage, it is recommended that you vacuum clean the filter every 3 months and replace as needed. This filter was originally included with your product. To give some boost to your indoor air quality, consider a MERV8 filter.

The kit includes 6 filters. Suitable for SHR11004, SHR11005R, SHR14104, SHR14005R, SER9504, SER11005, SHR1300, SHR1400 and SER1300.


Technical parameters

Filter set contains 6 pcs
Filter class MERV3
Dimensions and weights
Width 12 in.
Depth 0 in.
Length 15 in.
Weight 0 lb