ECO-Touch® IAQ

Touchscreen multi-function dehumidistat, 4 wires

Item Number: 414727

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Introducing Fantech’s newest control with our industry first integrated IAQ sensing controller for Fresh Air Appliances. Technologically advanced and feature-rich; the ECO-TOUCHIAQ provides homeowners with a higher level of comfort and control over their indoor air quality. To operate your fresh air appliance properly choose between the manual mode or our automatic “ECO” mode.

Manual Mode

Offers 5 speeds to choose from:

• Low speed 20 minutes per hour
• Low speed 40 minutes per hour
• Low speed continuous
• Medium speed continuous
• High speed continuous
ECO Mode

With just one touch, the unique ECO Mode will reference your preferred daytime and night time settings to automatically choose the best operating mode based on your home’s current conditions. By sensing indoor Relative Humidity (RH), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and outdoor incoming temperature, the ECO-TOUCHIAQ will find the right balance between good air quality and lower energy consumption.

MAX Mode

Gives you the extra ventilating power you need to quickly clear the air by taking advantage of the system’s powerful fans temporarily for 20, 40, or 60 minutes at the maximum ventilation rate